The Mixson Family and St. Catherines Island

The Lamar Mixson Sea Turtle Internship is a celebration of love and a young man’s passion for wildlife and wild places.  Lamar spent the summer of 2011 on St. Catherines Island as an intern for the island’s sea turtle conservation program.  That summer of protecting nests, collecting DNA samples, and watching emerging sea turtles brave beach crossings to fearlessly dive into the Atlantic Ocean gave him a platform to learn from and contribute to Georgia’s coastal resources.

In his memory, the Mixson family worked with the St. Catherines Island Foundation to create the Lamar Mixson Sea Turtle Internship on St. Catherines.  Since 2013, the initial gift of $25,000 has grown substantially through continued contributions from the Mixson family, friends and associates.  As of 2014, five young people have benefited from the internship, adding an extraordinary experience to their college and life accomplishments while actively participating in sea turtle conservation.