Coastal Conservation Project List

When meeting with people new to coastal conservation, we’re often asked, “How can we help?” To answer that question broadly and responsibly, we set out to curate a list of high priority conservation projects with strong leadership and immediate needs for private philanthropy. Nominations were solicited from more than 25 trusted conservation professionals currently serving on the Georgia Coast.

Projects were selected based on Stewards’ working knowledge of coastal conservation priorities and confidence in the leadership and organizations involved. Nevertheless, donors are encouraged to engage in their own due diligence when making contributions.

Projects have been grouped in the following categories: Advocacy & Outreach; Land Conservation & Stewardship; Sustainable Development; Watershed Protection; and Wildlife Conservation. While most are highly collaborative, a single point of contact has been provided for each project for use when donors would like more information or want to make a donation.

We hope you will download the Project List and look for conservation projects for which your philanthropy can make a difference. If you choose to support a project from the list, please note your association with Stewards of the Georgia Coast as it will help us assess the value and impact of this effort.