WHY Chautauqua

Georgia’s coast, 100 miles long where ocean meets marsh and land, is an environmental gem. Its special qualities include one-third of the remaining salt marsh on the entire East Coast, estuaries that serve as the ocean’s nursery, and the greatest biodiversity in Georgia including rare and endangered migratory shorebirds, sea turtle nesting grounds, and the only known calving ground for North Atlantic right whales.

And yet, the Georgia coast has not enjoyed public awareness and philanthropic support commensurate with its internationally significant ecology. Knowing the region is growing and with concern that the next ten years will be crucial for its long-term sustainability, we have been working to broaden the community of people who think of themselves as coastal stewards. We’re hoping you will join us in that effort.

Please RSVP to Burch Barger at 205-643-8121 or Send an Email

Chautauqua for the Georgia Coast is a program of Stewards of the Georgia Coast. Click Here to learn more.