What Our Guests are Saying

We greatly enjoyed participating in the Chautauqua for the Georgia Coast retreat and highly recommend the weekend to anyone with an interest in the preservation of the flora and fauna of this extraordinary region. The knowledgeable experts on hand for this special gathering provide tremendous insight into the challenges and opportunities facing the Georgia coast.  If you are able to partake of this marvelous opportunity, bring your notebook because you will want to record every fascinating fact.

Colleen & Sam Nunn

It wasn’t until I participated in the Chautauqua Weekend at the Lodge on Little St Simons Island that I fully appreciated all that the Georgia coast has to offer and the importance of its preservation.

Chautauqua affected me in a profound way. I will never again take for granted our special coastal region, and I look forward to finding ways to help sustain its future. From the warm and inviting hospitality of our hosts to the thoughtful conversations of all the participants, Chautauqua was not only educational and enriching but fun.

Beth Holder

Our experience at Chautauqua renewed our love for Georgia’s coastal places, while providing hope through new friends, allies, and programs. Together, we looked deeply into a corner of the world that is more nuanced than we imagined, more important than we fathomed, and more critical than we ever dreamed. Chautauqua was, and remains, an experience of profound consequence, one that will continue to shape how we give and how we behave for decades to come.

Gilbert & Jamee Miller, Beloco
& Bradley-Turner Foundations

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Chautauqua for the Georgia Coast is a program of Stewards of the Georgia Coast. Click Here to learn more.